I was always interested in blogging , actually sharing the things I know and also knowing the things which other know and I dont.

Now the main question. Y the blog is named www.tecfre.com . Simply because other domain name which i was looking for, was not available . I want this blog to reflect what is keeping me busy and what are latest development taking place in the technological world. I took my own sweet time in designing the blog header, just to reflect what the domain name is missing . By this time you might have easily guessed that “tecfre” actually short of ‘TEC h FRE ak’ and thats what I am :) .

The content of this blog will mainly focus on the technology ,FAQs on mobile and other buying guides, reviews , upcoming gadgets , latest technology implementation in mobiles etc etc etc. ( the list goes on ).


Hi !! , I am new to blogging and hence it counts to me a bit weird writing about myself ( to start with ). Well last time i remembered i told about myself was while answering the Mother of all Questions

Tell Us about Yourself

at a HR interview in year 2005.

General View(Y I M Here) :

Technically I Am technology freak. Latest technology, implemented in a very very sophisticated devices, mainly dealing with communication (What best than Mobiles :-D ) finally shrinking the world into a small house, puts me on. I am mainly here for sharing and as well as gathering more and more information.

Professional Description :

Well so let me start, I ( Kanak bhandari ) am 23 years old and is currently working as analyst programmer in Dubai, UAE since Oct 2005. I have worked on maintaining the in-house developed ERP system based on Oracle Forms and Reports 6i.

Currently i am gaining experience in SAP working technically in ABAP4 and functionally in SAP-MM.

Education :

I was able to attain the Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science in 2005 from a College down south called Karunya Institute of Technology. Since then I have been working :-D

Personal Details :

I belong to northern part of India called Uttaranchal , in a town called Kashipur.

Things that put me On :

  • Music ( depending on my mood ). let it be Rock , classical or even sentimental.
  • Long drives at night ( specially when theres no Traffic ) at Dubai.
  • Technology.

Things that put me off :

  • lies
  • sadistic arguments
  • noisy yapping
  • two faced creatures