90 Seconds Charge for 23 Hours Usage : New 5.11 Tactical Light for Life Flashlight Uc3.400

Remember doctors performing surgery with the help of a cellphone light ? Nothing could be more affected due to unavailability of power. But  511 tactile has tried to help many of us.  The new Light for Life Flashlight UC3.400 can keep working for 23 hours after a 9 second charge. Amazing isn’t it ? Busy people will never need any other option when it comes to temporary lighting.


This amazing light works on a new technology that shall see the industry making so much gain in the area of DC power. Instead of batteries, it rather works on a unique system that uses capacitors to manage power. The power flows from the capacitors to the flashlight in a regulated manner so that the least energy is least. You do not need to replace the capacitors unlike conventional batteries that run out of power over use.

This flashlight will have so many uses. You can take it out for camping, hiking or field work. It can serve as a temporary lighting.


You can use the light in standard or strobe mode. With the standard setting, you have a steady light source like these produced by bulb tubes but the strobe gives you a flashing effect such as those used to warn others about danger or broken down vehicle.

The Flash Light has been built to withstand extreme conditions. It is weather resistant and can be used in any weather condition – cold or heat – without loss of performance. Again, it is made from rugged material that will resist scratch and abrasions so they keep looking new and in working condition long after purchase. The device is also waterproof – making it a companion for people working in aquatic conditions. The light is also cost effective. Once bought, you do not need to change the bulb. It is also very light as it is made from aluminum.

The equipment comes with a car charger and a mounting belt so you can hoist it up safely whilst working.

This light source is the ultimate flashlight for campers, outdoor enthusiasts and hikers. With its small size and bright lights, you ca easily pack it into your back page and illuminate your way through the most challenging environment. It is extremely rugged as it is made from high-strength polymer and is water resistant. For economy and dynamism, this flashlight will perform better than battery or solar versions

Turn on Liquid Lights , save Power and Get Reminded to Turn off Water Taps

How busy you can be that you need a visual reminder for turning off water taps? Water is precious natural resource and  its even difficult to imagine life without it. These decorative lights looks stunning and the usage of LED lights make it more power efficient. Do you know the amount of water wasted due to running taps while brushing teeth totals around mind boggling 35000 litres per year/family. I think best place to fix these lights will be just beyond the wash basin. They come in three different styles :

  • The standings
  • The Chandeliers
  • The wall

California-based designer Tanya Clarke is the daughter of environmental activist Tony Clarke, the author of Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water. Tanya’s own contribution to water awareness is Liquid Light – Industrial Light Installations, a series of custom-built fixtures that “create a visual reminder of the precious commodity that water is and our need to protect this natural resource.LED lights , recycled plumbing and hardware , hand sculpted glass drops and found objects are incorporated to contribute to the zero footprint movement in the form of Liquid Light.”

If you buy these lights, 5% of your purchases go towards the education and action on global water justice issues.

This is not the first time such kind of industrial design has been made. In early 2007 Rafel Morgon had a similar Light Drops model as shown below.

I kinda like these designs, wonder they will be at sale in Dubai. Whats your opinion ? A channel that has a channel will guarantee the cleanliness of the fuel. On the off chance that the lamp is fit for utilizing unleaded fuel, at that point it can be utilized. On the off chance that the light is for use with Coleman fluid fuel, at that point this is the main sort that ought to be utilized. Coleman fuel is favored because of the cleaner consuming when contrasted with unleaded gas. Tie the mantle(s) on the burner tube and cut off the excess string. The instructions should be on the package. With a match or lighter, hold just beneath the mantle and it will burn. Allow the mantle to burn until it turns into a white ash. Once it turns into a white ash,