How to Find Resources That Prevent Closing of Files and Folders on Windows

There are times when you are unable to close or delete files in Windows. Here are small tips on how to find the resources that are preventing you to do that.

Scenario 1:

When ever you boot your system launch any program on your system, system resources allocated with that particular application will be loaded as well. The task manager will have details about each of the application alive at any point (or we assume so).

When you look into the processes list in Task Manager, you will mostly able to match the name of the program with the application running, however there are a few applications which makes it very difficult for you to figure this, like for example when users launch the Trend Micro Anti-Virus, it’ll show up as ntrtscan.exe in task manager. It’s tough for an avg. Joe to understand which program or which DLLs processes is loaded in Task Manager.

Scenario 2:

User will be unable to copy a file or folder as it that particular resource is being used by another application. Now this sounds ridiculous to the user because he knows that he has closed all the other applications and there is nothing that he can see!!

This is when Process Explorer comes to your rescue. With Process explorer you can find all the hidden applications that are running behind the scene which may be using the files or folders you want to delete or close. It is a free system monitoring and exam application and can be employed as step one in debugging software or system issues. Sysinternals is the company that developed Process Explorer and Microsoft actively promotes it.

Download Process Explorer, to close all the applications that are running behind the scene and utilizing the resources you are trying to close.

This Guest post is by Gautam H N, who is the author of where he regularly writes about Computer tips And Computer Security.