Healthy Cooking On a Contact Grill

Using a contact grill is the most popular way of indoor grilling. This grill is also known as a dual contact griddler. The most famous contact grill is the George Foreman Grill and the panini  maker or best panini  press.

You can get the contact grill in different sizes. This type of grill has dual hinged heated elements for grilling, one on top and the other at the bottom. The top heated cover helps to retain moisture, cook faster and eliminate the need to flip your food.

Some contact grills have a floating hinge that enable them to adjust to the thickness of food or the hinges can open flat backwards, up to 180° to create a second grilling surface, as an open grill.

A contact grill is affordable, portable and easy to use. It also cooks fast with dual heated surfaces, top and bottom. Just plug and play. The result is juicy, moist and beautiful food.

You will always eat healthy with a contact grill as it removes fat from your food as it cooks.

Start by seasoning your new contact grill with cooking oil. Do this by wiping it clean first, then dubbing the cooking surface with a clean moist cloth dipped in cooking oil.

Make a habit of doing this every time the surfaces dry after cleaning, just before storing.

Grillspot Tip! – Lay baking sheets under your grill to preserve your counter-top or stove and to collect any possible ‘splitter-splatter’ from the grill for easy clean-up.

Cooking Tips with a Contact Grill

1. Allow your marinated foods to drain well before you place them on the grill.

2. Let the grill attain high temperature before grilling meat to prevent sticking. Lower the heat to medium after placing food in it.

3. Apply a quick dub  of cooking oil on your meat and a swish  of cooking spray on the grilling surfaces to prevent foods from sticking.

4. Avoid opening and closing the grill to check if the food is cooked.It wastes heat and slows down the cooking clock.

5. When cooking meat, avoid over cooking by turning off the heat just before it’s done. Let it finish cooking with the residual heat in the plates.

Cook thick or fatty meat on medium heat. High heat during cooking will send fat spattering all over your counter-top.

6. Use boneless meat in thick pieces or slices; thin pieces of meat tend to burn and dry up quickly.

7. Always use a grilling meat chart as a guide to recommended grilling times and temperature.

Grillspot Tip! – To remove sticky food residue on clean up, place wet towels across the plate after the grill has cooled down. The dampness softens the solid residue for easy removal with a sponge.

Shopping for a Contact Grill or ‘Griddler’

Things to look for when out shopping for a Contact Grill include:-   1. Get a contact grill that can get hot and stay hot – one with enough power, at least 1500W or 425 °F (220 °C) thermostat setting.

2. If you want beautiful grill marks on your steak, boneless chicken, hamburger patties or buns, get a grill with deep ridges. Deep ridges also allow fat to drip away from thick meats as they cook.

3. Look for one with a long power cord if possible, at least 6ft. A long chord is safer and allows for versatility and better reach to the extremity of your kitchen counter-top.

4. In order to get a second grilling area from the top burner, look for a contact grill with a floating hinge or at least a 180 ° capable hinge.

5. Get a grill with a large grilling surface so that you can grill more food in one go.

Read customer reviews ahead of time to get valuable insights into quality, usability and customer service issues.

6. Look for added features like an adjustable thermostat. This provides for varied settings to allow you more heat settings for grilling different foods.

7. Look for one with a grease tray, cup or catcher.

8. Get a grill with a variety of cooking plates – ridged and flat. Some contact grills have reversible plates. Turn the flat surface over and presto, you have a ridged cooking surface.

9. Before you pick up your grill of choice, research the availability of replacement parts for your preferred make and model.

10. Last but not least, most contact grills have non-stick surfaces. Just check in passing to make sure the one you are buying is non-stick too.

Eat healthy every time with the versatile and compact contact grill as you continue your indoor grilling journey!

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Four Things You Should Know About the Best Gaming Monitors

Response Times

First off, we have the small matter of response times, they matter, but not as much as most people think. And that’s because in recent years, gaming monitor technology has greatly surpassed human eye technology.

These days, it’s not uncommon to find the best TN monitors with response times as low as two milliseconds. And while from a technological standpoint, this is certainly impressive, your eyes can’t actually register responses faster than six milliseconds.

In other words, when you shell out extra money for a sub six millisecond response time, you’re essentially shelling out for something that you can’t actually see.

Contrast Confusion

In the past, contrast ratio mattered. It measured the difference between the brightest and darkest pixels on a screen. Higher contrast ratio, better picture. Unfortunately however, monitor manufacturers have decided to reinvent the word.

Some claim that contrast ratio is x, other claim that it’s actually y. And the result is that the term has pretty much lost all meaning. Is a high contrast ratio still a positive? Yes, but it’s no longer a factor that anyone should be basing their purchasing decisions upon.

Less is More

You wouldn’t be a gamer if you didn’t want to play games on a million inch screen but the reality is that bigger isn’t always better.

It’s not uncommon for gamers to shell out on the biggest screen that they can afford only to get home and find that darting their eyes from corner to corner can be surprisingly tiring. Personally, I think that anything over 27 inches is overkill unless you’re a serious MPG fan.

Even Sony Makes Mistakes

Finally, there’s the small matter of the best gaming monitor under 200 manufacturer, there’s no such thing. There’s more to a gaming monitor than who manufactured it. Base your decision on the pros and cons of individual monitors, not on the brand name attached.

Even the likes of Sony and Dell occasionally release a gaming monitor that’s decidedly sub par. Now if only there was some kind of website that offered in depth reviews of their individual offerings…

10 + 1 Simple Ways to Save Fuel from your Vehicle

Save Fuel , Save Environment.

I was just reading the article in India Today, where they mentioned 10 simple ways of saving fuel. I found the article very useful and thought of sharing it with my readers. So here it goes :

  1. Drive easy within the prescribed speed limits. Take off your leg from the clutch pedal after changing the gear, and also avoid hard acceleration. Driving at a highest gear ( depending on speed ) makes the engine spins at a lesser rpm and hence giving you a better fuel economy.
  2. Tyre Pressure is another important factor. Make sure the tyres are inflated properly and also are properly aligned for better fuel economy and safer driving.
  3. Get your vehicle serviced properly and at the right time, so that the Car’s engine is healthy and hence burn less fuel. It will even save your maintenance cost for the vehicle.
  4. If possible try avoiding rush hour traffic. If by leaving 30 minutes early can help you avoiding a lot of traffic, then its always better to do so. Battling traffic everyday is even bad for your health.
    For shopping, choose early morning at weekends. This will help you save time on road while going out for shopping.
  5. Slow Down in advance when you see a red signal or when you are approaching your destination. This will avoid usage of sudden brake and also will help you maintain safe distance from other vehicles.
  6. Switch off your AC 5 minutes before your reach your destination as Car remain cool for that much distance. Use good quality sun films (which reduce solar energy upto 50% ) from getting your car heated up.
  7. Try to combine different chores at the same travel , rather than postponing them to different time. Ex : While driving back to office you can go to bank , shop grocery etc which you might have planned later.
  8. Keep your car clean especially during monsoon season. The muck that sticks to the car add to weight and hence increase the drag as well. Cleaning your car will prevent rusting and also will cost save you in longer run.
  9. The most important, fill your car in the coldest part of the day i.e mornings. As cold fuel has maximum density , hence you get more fuel for same reading than you would while filling it on a hot day. Also,fill it at a place you trust, so that you know what you are paying for.
  10. Prevent carrying stuff which you use once in a while, in your car everyday. Travel light as much as possible which will help reduce fuel consumption. The more light your car is more fuel you can save.
  11. Finally, follow lane discipline to prevent traveling distance and accidents , keep your car’s emission checked at regular interval and avoid add too many accessories to the car which again increase weight.

If we can follow these simple points, we can together make a huge difference in saving fuel. If you have any other points of fuel saving, do share it in comments .