Photgraphy Tips: Taking Shots at Night with a Digital Camera

You might have read my article on buying a good digital camera and here are two tips for taking photographs at nights, if at all you forget your tripod.

How to check whether you will able to take pictures without shake??
There is something called as shutter speed in camera which decides the of time for shutter to allow light to enter. In low light condition the shutter speed go very low to allow maximum amount of light to enter. This makes camera highly sensitive and small shake will give highly blurred images.

Shutter speed is displayed in the camera as 1/60 or 1/120 or 1/30 or 1/15 …etc etc … (1/60 means 1/60th of a second ). You can see it on your camera LCD. If the shutter speed go below 1/60 i.e ( 1/45 or 1/30 etc) you really need to try hard to prevent camera shake.

Some cameras show shutter speed directly on your camera LCD but some need the picture button to be pressed half ( So that the camera checks the focus to decide the speed ). Once you find out that shutter speed is going less than 1/60, try these :-


Most of us might have always wondered what the use of a 2 sec timer. Most of the people might not have used it till now . Well !! the main use of this 2 sec timer comes when you take the snaps in low light where camera shake is possible while taking the pressing the picture button. Hence set the camera for 2 sec timer, press the picture button and hold the camera still for 2 secs till the picture is taken . Try to rest your hands on some stable surface to prevent further shake.


If you can find any still surface for example park bench, wide railings etc try to keep it there , and use the timer to take the photograph.


Don’t switch to more than ISO 400 as photos will be very very grainy and will be of no use .Continuous mode allow camera to take pictures till the picture button is pressed. You can take 15-20 pictures like this and can finally rely that one picture might have come proper. Use this when top two fails as this method will fill your memory card very fast.

10 + 1 Simple Ways to Save Fuel from your Vehicle

Save Fuel , Save Environment.

I was just reading the article in India Today, where they mentioned 10 simple ways of saving fuel. I found the article very useful and thought of sharing it with my readers. So here it goes :

  1. Drive easy within the prescribed speed limits. Take off your leg from the clutch pedal after changing the gear, and also avoid hard acceleration. Driving at a highest gear ( depending on speed ) makes the engine spins at a lesser rpm and hence giving you a better fuel economy.
  2. Tyre Pressure is another important factor. Make sure the tyres are inflated properly and also are properly aligned for better fuel economy and safer driving.
  3. Get your vehicle serviced properly and at the right time, so that the Car’s engine is healthy and hence burn less fuel. It will even save your maintenance cost for the vehicle.
  4. If possible try avoiding rush hour traffic. If by leaving 30 minutes early can help you avoiding a lot of traffic, then its always better to do so. Battling traffic everyday is even bad for your health.
    For shopping, choose early morning at weekends. This will help you save time on road while going out for shopping.
  5. Slow Down in advance when you see a red signal or when you are approaching your destination. This will avoid usage of sudden brake and also will help you maintain safe distance from other vehicles.
  6. Switch off your AC 5 minutes before your reach your destination as Car remain cool for that much distance. Use good quality sun films (which reduce solar energy upto 50% ) from getting your car heated up.
  7. Try to combine different chores at the same travel , rather than postponing them to different time. Ex : While driving back to office you can go to bank , shop grocery etc which you might have planned later.
  8. Keep your car clean especially during monsoon season. The muck that sticks to the car add to weight and hence increase the drag as well. Cleaning your car will prevent rusting and also will cost save you in longer run.
  9. The most important, fill your car in the coldest part of the day i.e mornings. As cold fuel has maximum density , hence you get more fuel for same reading than you would while filling it on a hot day. Also,fill it at a place you trust, so that you know what you are paying for.
  10. Prevent carrying stuff which you use once in a while, in your car everyday. Travel light as much as possible which will help reduce fuel consumption. The more light your car is more fuel you can save.
  11. Finally, follow lane discipline to prevent traveling distance and accidents , keep your car’s emission checked at regular interval and avoid add too many accessories to the car which again increase weight.

If we can follow these simple points, we can together make a huge difference in saving fuel. If you have any other points of fuel saving, do share it in comments .